Creative Team
Director: Sof Puchley
Cinematographer & Editor: Kelly Litt
Sound Design: Xena Kirby 
Sound Operator: Vicki Hunter
Lighting Designer: James Matthews
Set & Costume Consultant: Rachel Jones
Performance Dates: 9-10th March 2018
Venue: Sennheiser Studio Theatre, LIPA
Susana - Sade Malone
Margaret - Amber Launders
Lyn - Natalie O'Neill
Tabby - Martha Godber

Meat Package is an experimental new writing piece by Sof Puchley. Set in a dystopian society, four women recount their experiences of being processed like an animal. The project explores different platforms of performance and the effects they can have on an audience. Meat Package is an ongoing experiment, thanks to all who took part. 

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